Relax and unwind at our wellness oasis in Milan

Tucked away in the heart of a historic building at the end of the 800s near the Cathedral, the New Wellness Area of the Straf Hotel looks like a fine place dedicated to wellness.

The language conceived by the architect Vincenzo De Cotiis, remains consistent with the project dated 2003 and renews in a current and defined way the new spaces. 

In this intimate place, the use of contrasting materials, contemporary and traditional, accompanies guests to a new and reassuring place, a place dedicated to body care that breathes a natural sense of calm. 

The color palette is dominated by light and dark tones: the light plaster on the walls and ceiling, the marble flooring, antique and precious material also reproduced on the wall balustrades; all modulated by metallic accents, such as brass in fusion, which emphasizes the passages between the various environments.

A research based also on a game of reflections given by expertly used materials that blend with water.

A functional and minimalist space that reveals a refined elegance that welcomes guests and put them at ease.

The result is an ethereal environment that highlights the combination of different materials and surfaces that evoke a tactile and sensory experience.


BOOK your EXCLUSIVE hour of relax in our H2O Wellness Boutique.

Booking a Suite, the SPA will be included.

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