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Hotels have always been literary places. Because they are linked to travel, discovery, adventure, because they represent an environment far from one's routine, because they allow us to be ourselves freely or to reinvent ourselves as someone completely different for a few hours, or a few days... There are thousand reasons, but for as long as short stories and novels have existed, hotels have been an ideal backdrop and an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

From this comes the (bizarre, unprecedented) idea of ​​creating a collaborative project between a five-star hotel like the Straf in Milan and an independent and alternative literary festival like the FestivaLino.

The initiative was created to celebrate 20 years of this historic hotel in the center of Milan, which has made design and innovation its distinctive feature, and which once again chooses to stand out by launching an editorial initiative.

The STRAFtellers project involves a group of emerging authors from the Italian literary scene being guests of the hotel over the course of the year. After their stay the writers - men and women - will produce a story inspired by the location, the environment and its atmosphere. Each month a new story will be published both on the STRAF website and in hardcopy version; a copy of each story will be left in the hotel rooms for customers, as reading for their free time or as an unusual "bedtime story".

A unique initiative of its kind, which transforms (perhaps for the first time ever) a hotel into a publisher.

The authors were selected among the most promising ones of the new generations: they all already have at least one novel published and can lay claim to both critical recognition and significant awards. But above all they were selected for their undeniable talent and the variety of their styles, which we are sure will guarantee a series of unique and original stories.

For three years the FestivaLino has aimed to bring the best of contemporary fiction to an effervescent and creative environment such as the NoLo district of Milan, and now it is opening up to a dialogue with the different realities of the city to strengthen the value of its proposition.

The mutual collaboration with the Hotel STRAF, then, turns out to be important and innovative: STRAF becomes one of the sponsors of the festival and the festival curates this writing project, with the shared aim of giving value to new talents, faithful to the spirit of innovation and experimentation, which for 20 years has been the strength and uniqueness of this hotel.


Matteo B. Bianchi & Marco Rossari

(LINO Festival curators "Letteratura incandescente a Nolo")