Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre

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For those who believe in a message of respect for mankind and environment, making sustainability become the new way of life, we must have the courage to change! 
This proposal is part of the services development strategy aimed at various areas of the hotel in order to improve hospitality, with particular emphasis on respecting the environment. The commitment of the hotel consists in raising awareness and educating guests about the importance of reducing unnecessary consumption (changing towels, sheets, soap, slippers, complimentary products, etc.). 
Amongst the current eco-friendly practices, STRAF advises:

  • choice of low environmental-impact or ecologically certified cleaning products
  • removal of soap bars (around 40,000 bars of soap are used just a few times and then thrown away each year!) and tubes of cream to be replaced by large refillable liquid soap dispensers containing an approved environmentally friendly product
  • change of bed linen only based on customer’s will
  • organic food products
  • differentiated collection of waste
  • creation of exclusive eco gadgets to be sold in the hotel (ECObeautybag and ECObag, in sustainably produced natural cotton, water colours and other recycled or eco-compatible materials)
  • recycling of printing paper in the offices and making staff aware of using the printer and paper in moderation (passport scan)
  • use of “Eco Biker Messengers” service for city deliveries
  • use of led room lighting and low consumption light bulbs where possible
  • willingness to support/sponsor ecological services provided by third parties (use of bicycles during the Furniture Fair, use of the “Bike Mi” service provided by Milan City Council, etc.)
  • “logical” allocation of rooms/floors to reduce power costs (heating/air conditioning)

We are always open to suggestions and happy to listen to advice, since we firmly believe that each one of us can do a lot by doing very little!

Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
Eco STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre

L’hotel STRAF and its partner GRAND HOTEL ET DE MILAN are the principal sponsors of the non-profit association IN-VITA, whose main objective is to build and restore wells in some rural villages in Mali where there is almost no water.
Every guest who stays at our hotels contributes directly to the project as a proportion of the profit is automatically attributed to the association.
For more information view the project water for Mali and WWW.IN-VITA.ORG

If you wish to make a dontation to IN-VITA:
IT 42 W 03069 09606 1000 0011 9218
Donate your 5 per thousand to IN-VITA: Tax ID Code 97465820153
Or you can buy paillets and jersey t-shirts realized by P.A.R.O.S.H for In-Vita ETS

via San Raffaele 3, 20121 Milano Italy - Google Maps

ph +39 02 805081

STRAFbar at STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre
STRAFbar at STRAFhotel&bar in Milan centre