Condé Nast Traveller

Hotel STRAF reviewed on  magazine “Condè Nast Traveller” view the article

copertina inside out LugAgo 2012

Inside Out Magazine

L’Hotel STRAF on Australia’s best interiors magazine Inside Out Magazine. view the article


Vogue France

Hotel STRAF on Le guide du week-end‘s special issue dedicated to design hotels. View the article


Monsieur – The Weekend of…

…Alberto Acito, managing director of Rim Italy, the company that makes BlackBerry smartphones. In moments of relaxation does not give up the passion for sailing or for have dinner with …


To be Lux Revolution – Fashion in Milan

Social life and nightlife in Milan For all lovers of fashion or simply lovers of Milan by night, here there are the addresses of some local “cool” in Milan where you …


Vanity Fair – Madonna: what a man

Interview at Hotel STRAF to Thyago Alves, 25, the new face of Martini Rosato. He acted in the movie “Il compleanno”. If you find him sexy when you watched Sanremo last year, and this year in …

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