TIME – Stupid artists combine things


STRAFhotel&bar, from March 24th to 13th April 2014 from 9am to 12pmon the occasion of MIART and the Design Week, presents “TIME – Stupid artists combine things” - installation by Daniele Innamorato.

Open party at STRAFBAR April 11th, 2014 from 7 pm, dj-set by Daniele Innamorato, Federica Perazzoli and Jacopo Bedussi

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The installation by Daniele Innamorato in the hall at the Hotel STRAF is part of a series that the artist has provokingly called “Stupid Artists Combine Things,” in reference to a trend set within the world of contemporary art, beginning with Marcel Duchamp’s avant-guardie, followed by Robert Rauschemberg, through to Bruno Munari’s “useful machines”, the name having been inspired, by the relative linguistic register and with the intent of self-irony, up until the post-modern drift, all is possible in any place, time and semantic space.

A white monochromatic aerial sculpture composition. A structure created and assembled with sheets of paper, cardboard and PVC, using wiring reagent to wood lighting, also an originating part of the artwork’s frame.

Along the walls, but connected to the central structure, sheets of white PVC shrivelled up and deformed by heat, intervene with the spacial perception of the area in which the work is located.

Every site specific interpretation of each work as a part of the series, has been studied to give voice to the distinct location in which it has been installed as well as representative of that theme, of its function, of the preception and use of that particular location. Thus, even if the shape seems to be similar and recognizable each time, the emotional aspect and narration is always different; a relationship which is “always the same but always different.”

In this specific case the work is called “TIME.”

The Hotel’s hall is a passageway, but also a waiting room, a place for free time and well as lost time. A place suspended between the intimacy of one’s room and an area of decompression set apart from the outside world.

A non-place in which the “the amount of decibels, of lums, of distance, of time spent in certain rest areas; the type and the amount of information is calculated precisely” (Marc Augé).

In fact, this is where the actors/guests encounter one another, they may bump into or just walk by each other, but always at close range.

Daniele Innamorato interprets the ensemble of human forces, proxemic, yet distant, through his work, which is created entirely on location, without having previously prepared anything specific, if not that of choosing a (non) color such as white to represent the neutrality of time.

The exhibition is part of a project that includes Grand Hotel et de Milan, with an installation titled “TIME – Stupid artists combine things”, from March 25th to April 13th, 2014.