Thursday 30th January – Gran Bazar


In an increasingly standardized Milan has become increasingly difficult to come across heterogeneous environments. Grand Bazaar is a new concept that wants to create a meeting ground where people are coming from different paths. A place where you can live and interact with each other subjects that otherwise would be hard to cross paths in the newspapers of the metropolis.

Granbazar expresses its concept in the proposal through a musical journey into dance music in all its nuances . From the splendor of the stars of the disk , icons Eighties pop , passing through the classic house music , to get to new phenomena electronics of today.

The music selection will be edited by Alex De Ponti, DJ who for several years has been able to create soundtracks to the height of public STRAFhotel & bar, always looking for the unconventional route and the involvement pure and spontaneous.
A musical journey ever left to chance, pointing to marry each other worlds and different musical moments , building a soundtrack that is the perfect link for a heterogeneous public .

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Info and bookings : +39 02 80508715