Bob Dylan


November 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

Bob Dylan for the first time in theatre in Milan, then in Rome and Padua, in an intimate atmosphere, where the spectators can share with the artist a unique and unforgettable evening.

Bob Dylan, now seventy-five years old, is an all-round artist, addicted to the music, but also to writing and poetry, with some forays into the world of theater, film and radio, in which he worked as a conductor.

In music he began as a guitarist and then he devoted himself to keyboards and harmonicas, being accompanied by an entourage of constantly changing musicians: it could not be otherwise for someone like Dylan that, from the 80s to today, has never thought to stop his tour.

In 2012, almost wanting to devote 50 years since the release of his first album, “Tempest” was released, now the last album of the folk poet.

His public is heterogeneous, made up of young and not so young , fascinated by his unmistakable voice, with texts so full of meaning and melodies that emphasize the words.