Pollock and the Irascible


From September 24th to February 16th, 2014

Palazzo Reale

Not only Jackson Pollock, but also Rothko, de Kooning, Kline. Artistic revolution, break with the past, experimentation, energy: all this tells the exhibition “Pollock and the Irascible”, at Palazzo Reale from 24th of September.

Through the works of 18 artists, led by the charismatic Pollock, and called “Irascible” by a famous episode of protest against the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the visitor will have a complete view of a fundamental artistic style, that was able to re-interpret the canvas as a space for freedom of thought and action of the individual. A specific style of what was called the “New York School” and together a unique phenomenon, which marked America post-war and influenced the Modern Art all over the world.