Rodin. The Marble, the Life

Rodin Marmo

From October 17th, 2013 to January 26th, 2014

Palazzo Reale

The exhibition , developed in collaboration with the Musée Rodin in Paris , has a corpus of over 60 works mostly in marble by Auguste Rodin who , with Michelangelo, is still one of the greatest revolutionaries of traditional plastic .

The exhibition is a premiere : a so vast moment of study, dedicated only to the French artist’s production of marble, has never been organized outside the Musée Rodin. An introductory section will explain to visitors as Rodin declines his work by virtue of the material it uses, in order to better understand how the teacher used the marble to influence and create a kind of eroticism of the flesh through the stone. In fact Rodin had a special relationship with the marble, and his contemporaries saw him as a ” ruler ” in front of which the substance ” trembled .”

His sculptures in marble, far from being conventional , give life to the modern soul , giving new meaning to the classic material for excellence, destined to immobility. Produced along with the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome , the exhibition will continue in the Romans spaces after the Italian premiere in Milan.