The Plastic Side Of The Sea

STRAF - SaloneDelMobile2013 - invito2

STRAFhotel&bar, from 5th to 14th April 2013, on the occasion of MIART and the Furniture Fair, presents STRAFECOPROJECT 2013 – THE PLASTIC SIDE OF THE SEA, an artistic project by Sarah Mancino with works by Tine FehrSkeleton SeaSophie Usunier, Vera Pravda, design by Luca Gnizio – FordesignFor and Butoh dance performance with Kea Tonetti and live music by Tivitavi R. Papini.

Press Release 

Inside the STRAF the viewers find themselves immersed in a sea world, made of plastic nets and what the sea gives us back, walking on the waves projected on the ground. Tine’s images and video, giving the name to the exhibition, go with Skeleton Sea’s works, Sophie Usinier’s video and Vera Pravda’s installation, in a fluid environment rich in awesomeness, also thanks to the designer Luca Gnizio’s works linked to the same theme. An “advices supplier” will be available for the audience, to bring a positive message.