Triennale di Milano

triennale di milano

Opened in 2007 is the first museum of Italian design. Located in the “Triennale” of Milan offers visitors the chance to discover the excellence of Italian design through new points of view. No chronological order or by author, every year “Triennale Design Museum” is renewed and transformed, changing topics and preparations.

Program Events

23th November 2012 .24th March 2013

“Dracula e il mito dei vampiri”

Triennale di Milano

12th February .31th March 2013

“Massimo Giacon – The Pop Will Eat Himself”

Triennale Design Cafè

2nd March, 24th March 2013

“Tasselli d’Arte – Scenari Latino Americani”

Triennale di Milano

2nd March, 31th March 2013

“Paola De Pietri – To Face”

Triennale di Milano