Friday 1st June – STRAF in Black


The new Friday at the BAR STRAF is now in black, offering a drink made ​​with sounds’ black to 360 degrees, from soul to disco, from R & B to funk, not forgetting the rhythms of the best House Music inspired by the classic gospel tradition.The creator and protagonist of the evening is Alex De Ponti, DJ active in the Milan scene for several years already in the planning of the appetizers at the bar Thursday STRAF, also known for his music store, “Vinylbrokers”, a reference point for all vinyl lovers.

Alex share the stage of this Friday night with Paolo Rey, his partner in Vinylbrokers and a great connoisseur of black music, armed with a twenty-year background as a DJ and dealer of discs.

The common denominator of the evening will be black music without any restrictions, from the atmosphere more soft of the soul to the rhythms of the more vibrant funk and house music, free to roam the great classics of the seventies up to the new proposals of the current scene.

All proposed in the frame of the STRAF, the most famous street bar  in the center, which for the summer season in addition to the interior area, reserved for guests of the bar tatami mats and ottomans, to have a drink outside, literally in the shadow the Duomo.

Info & bookings: 02-80508715