Art for Breakfast

Manet - Le dejeuner sur l herbe

STRAF Hotel, in collaboration with ART in the City, present “Art for Breakfast”: seven lectures covering the main european artistic movements from the 15th to the 19thcentury. A chance to feast your eyes on the great European Masters, learn about the story of creativity and treat yourself to a Lady’s Breakfast in the heart of Milan’s city centre.


Costs: 116 euro for 6 lectures. Single Art for Breakfast lecture will be available for 19 euro per person with a minimum of 20 partecipants per lecture.

For info and booking:

Serena Spinelli T. 339 7209619

Maria Dicakz Tieghi T. 348 7439654

The Grand Passionate Baroque

May 25th 2012

Barocco vermeer

From Rococo to Neoclassicism

June 8th 2012

rococò rococo2

The Revolution begins: Barbizon, Impressionism and teh birth

of Expressionism

June 15th 2012

VAN_GOGH gauguin