Massimo Uberti


The elements that constitute Massimo Uberti’s works are simple forms, desire for knowledge and symmetryseeking. The light became an expressive instrument used to think about contemporary themes in a poetic and essential way. Scrittoio is the space where ideas are created by the artist. In Massimo Uberti’s career light has always been centre of a coherent process of reduction. As he sought to gain control over light, his effort was directed at reducing it to its essence in order to liberate its potential. In his installations he strips it of all other substance ad makes his raw material, to the point where it is the work.

Uberti has collaborated and collaborates with National and Internationals Institutions such as TEOR/ética Foundation (Costa Rica), Limerick City Gallery of Art (Ireland), Magazine of Grenoble (France), Fondazione delle Stelline (Milan).