Appetizer in the art #7 @ STRAF


Tuesdey 13th December 2011, Appetizer in the art

By working with Giovanna Rossi, art historical, dance expert in expressive techniques with the mediation of the body, STRAF proposes a series of meetings that will guide the participants in the deepening in linking between various forms of art and … their influence on the age contemporary.

The topic of the sixth meeting will be: “Public art and Alfredo Jaar. Between aesthetic and social commitment, the work of Alfredo Jaar act on the knowledge and aim to increase people’s participation in the management of the great themes of humanity through art: natural resources, the quality of life, equality, fundamental rights, can be viewed with poetry. “

Participation is subject to obligatory purchases (Euros 10.00).

Guests can get a drink at the bar and bring their drink in the conference room.

You can then continue the evening at Bar STRAF where every Tuesday there is the happy hour with live music until 22.00.

Info & bookings: 02-80508715