The street is in the house..or in the hotel!

the street is the house

Art exhibition of  Carlo Sampietro will be in the public areas of  the STRAF hotel from the 28 of November to the end of  January.


Charles Sampietro gives new life to the waste material coming from the streets of New York in an exhibition entitled “The Street Is In The House”, an innovative concept in interior design and at the same time an overview of the New York street life. The artistic production of Carlo Sampietro draws from the sights and sounds of New York City, as well as from 13 years of experience as art director for major advertising agencies with numerous international awards. The artist combines irony and functionality in his works: neon signs of old NY taxis have become lamps with built-in FM radio; signs barrage of police become the basis for tables with glass; distributors of New York newspapers host  media representations of contemporary scenarios. Sampietro uses a three-dimensional language to tell stories about the Big Apple, inspired by the objects he uses. The exhibition breaks the boundary between what is the street and what is in a house, asking art to maintain  functionality.

Carlo Sampietro

Was born on Lake of Como, Italy, and studied Graphic Design in Verona and then moved to Milan in the then magical world of advertising. He has created advertising campaigns for some of the most famous brands, including McDonalds, Vaseline, and Gordon’s Gin. His work has had international recognition as a Gold EPICA Awards, Bronze Award Eurobest, Italian Art Directors ,Club Gold Awards and Clio Awards.

Since 2004 he lives in New York, where, after completing his career in advertising as a creative director, he dedicates

 to achieving its cultural arts projects.

The first “The StreetIs In The House” presented at the Salone Satellite last April ‘was published by the Washington Post, El Pais, Corriere della Sera, Interior Design, Elle Decor and won two international awards for contemporary art: Celeste Prize and A Design Awards.



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